Political News

Donald Trump’s June 13, 2016, Speech (Time Magazine)

Oklahoma Governor Goes on the Record (Fox News)

Gorka: CIA Director No Longer Spreading Obama’s Narrative (Fox News)

(Gorka offers his opinions about what should be done)

Giuliani: Couldn’t Do Worse Than Obama, Clinton Against Isis (Fox News)

Col. Ralph Peters: We Need to Crack Down on ‘Hate Mosques’ (Fox News)

2013: Orlando Jihadi Threatened to Kill Sheriff & His Family, FBI Dismissed Threat (Jihad Watch)

Paul Ryan Threatens to Sue Trump over Immigration (From Pamela Geller)

Robert Spencer Moment: Trump Was Right (Glazov Gang)

Cloward-Piven: Use the Poor to Bring on the Revolution (RRW)

Jihadists Kill Their Own Relatives in Iraq but Shove “Islamophobia” down Our Throats (Jihad Watch)

Pamela Geller, Breitbart: Why Did Orlando Happen? A Massive Intel Failure.  (From Pamela Geller)

Bill Warner, Ph.D: Winning the Jihad War (Political Islam)

Dissecting Hillary Clinton’s Attacks Against Donald Trump (Fox News)

Nonie Darwish Moment: Why Moderate Muslims Cannot Destroy Isis (Jihad Watch)

Nonie Darwish notes that President Obama is acting like a defense attorney for Islam.

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