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References to Some Articles That May Have Some Possible Use in the Study of Immigration Jihad





About Free Speech by Stefan Molyneux


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Muslims to Europe: One day all of this is ours

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Refugee Resettlement Watch

It is demography stupid!  And, they get it. So why don’t European leaders do something about it?

Gatestone Institute posted another story with the statistics yesterday, you can read it here.

We can see what the problem is, so why the hesitancy in finding a solution?

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban: We must solve our own demographic problems.

What I want to know is aren’t there smart people in governments that see it coming and are encouraging Europeans (and the Japanese in their case) to have more children.

Find tax incentives, find more ways to make it easier for Europeans and for the Japanese to support more children in large families, create media campaigns/TV shows about the joy of large families—make it cool to have babies!

And, expose the big money globalists (and chamber of commerce types) who see numbers of people in terms of consumers of their products. …

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Northern Idaho: Don’t bring refugees here!

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Refugee Resettlement Watch

A presentation in Bonner County on Wednesday ended earlier than planned because local opponents of refugee resettlement dominated the near capacity audience.

I suspect the citizens of Sandpoint and the surrounding rural region of Idaho had heard enough about refugee turmoil over 600 miles south in Twin Falls and didn’t see a need to bring the same trouble to their neighborhoods.

From the Bonner County Daily Bee:

SANDPOINT — A sustained lack of basic civility brought an abrupt end Wednesday to a presentation aimed at informing the public how refugee resettlement works in Idaho and the United States.

From the moment the meeting at Community Hall commenced, Nick and Laura Armstrong of Boise faced a tough room.

“I am advocating understanding,” Laura Armstrong tried to explain at one point.

A good portion of the capacity crowd, however, was having none of it.

Refugee resettlement foes groaned, scoffed, talked over…

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Islam Is at War with the West

To stop or at least decrease the killings of non-Muslims, many people should set up websites opposing the immigration of Muslims into the United States and Europe.

If a person already has access to the internet. it often costs nothing to set up a website.

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