Item entered by Carl on September 1, 2016.

A statement (shown below) by Raymond Ibrahim in his article entitled “Direct Experience: The One Benefit of Accepting Muslim Migrants” would seem offer strong support for banning the further immigration of large numbers of Muslim refugees into the United States:

“For never before in history have the peoples of one civilization been so divorced from reality as to welcome millions of people from an alien civilization–one that terrorized their ancestors for centuries–to come and dwell among them.”

A link to the statement by Raymond Ibrahim was placed in the Pflugerville Republican Club website.


Item Entered Earlier in 2016:

The Pflugerville Republican Club usually meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Springhill Restaurant in Pflugerville. LINK TO THE PRC FACEBOOK WEBSITE: HERE


In “Are Western Leaders Sellouts to Islam?” Nonie Darwish offered an explanation for part of what President Obama is doing as “it is intended to shame the uninformed American citizen into respecting Islam and capitulating to its agenda.”

By not encouraging PRC members to provide information to the public about Islam in the PRC website (please see the latest of the June 15, 2015, entries on the PRC Facebook website), PRC may be missing an opportunity to work toward thwarting what President Obama seems to be trying to do. During Spring 2015, there was a very active discussion about issues related to Islam in the PRC Facebook website. This stopped after the June 15, 2015, announcement.

Nonie Darwish: Are Western Leaders Sellouts to Islam?  (in Atlas Shrugs)

Nonie Darwish: Why Is Obama Defending Islam at Any Cost? (in Glazov Gang)

Perhaps Raymond Ibrahim has said it best: “Revive Clear Thinking and the Jihad Dies

The section in this Ibrahim article that begins “No – today, the ultimate enemy is within” seems particularly noteworthy and relevant.

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