Somalis arriving at the rate of 750 a month right now; will it ever end?


Refugee Resettlement Watch

As of March 31, we were 6 months into the 2016 fiscal year which began on Oct. 1, 2015.

Since you all were interested in the Syrian numbers so far I thought I should update you on the Somali migration to America.  But, first check out my post of September 2008 where I chronicled over 30 years of Somali resettlement to America.   Notice that the highest resettlement years occurred in the Bush Administration.

I want to make the point again—once the UN and the US State Department get rolling on a specific ethnic group, the flow into America continues for decades!  A reporter asked me the other day: if we blow up a place, aren’t we responsible for the people? We didn’t blow up Somalia, so why are we responsible for their mass importation to America?

As of the end of 2015 we have admitted 127,337 Somalis through the…

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