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Tommy Robinson and Stefan Molyneux


About the Incarceration of Tommy Robinson


Hopefully, the activities of Geert Wilders and others on behalf of Tommy Robinson will have an effect and he will be released from prison.

Good for Chancellor Kurz


What Chancellor Kurz has done will hopefully encourage more and more people to join in the fight against Islam.

Draw Mohammed Contest


Free Tommy Robinson!


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Trump refugee admissions slowdown shows US refugee program built on budgetary quicksand

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Refugee Resettlement Watch

The structure of the US Refugee Admissions Program as designed by then Senator Ted Kennedy (with his sidekick Joe Biden) and signed in to law by Jimmy Carter in March 1980 is crumbling (crumpling, whatever) and I want to know—

Where is Congress?

The original concept—non-profit groups being paid by the head to place refugees—is flawed.  How do you run an organization and create an annual budget when the program is almost wholly dependent on that per head government payment?

Screenshot (490)

Any legitimate advocate for refugees, should be asking Congress to reform the entire program.

But, of course the leadership (with fat salaries!) of the nine non-profit contractors*** isn’t urging Congress to reform the program and instead is working tirelessly, through the media, to show how mean Donald Trump is to have reduced the number of paying clients (aka refugees) with the assumption that in a few years they will get…

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Must Stop Further Immigration of Muslims into the United States